Delhi man booked for chopping off puppy’s legs

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New Delhi, Dec 8: A Dwaraka  resident has been booked under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, after he allegedly chopped off legs of a stray puppy using a hacksaw. The accused has been identified as Pramod, an unemployed man.

According to reports, the two-month-old canine sneaked into the accused residence.

Pramod welcomed the puppy and also offered it some food. In its eagerness, the dog grazed the accused’s leg with a paw.

“Soon after he noticed the scratch on his leg, he became angry and he rushed off to get a blade,” said Gaurav Sharma, an animal rights activist, quoting Pramod’s wife’s statement.

“Then he grabbed the puppy and tied it up before cutting its legs with a blade (a front and a back leg).”

The accused’s wife narrated the episode to the activist when he went to rescue the puppy.

She said that a few months ago, Pramod brought home a monkey and then chopped it up. However, these allegations are yet to be investigated.

The case was later transferred to the Palam Village police station. Sources say that the complaint has not been converted into an FIR as the woman is wary of punishing her husband.

Pramod was previously booked in a case of domestic violence, they added.

The puppy has been sent to a foster home and is up for adoption.