Delhi man chops of puppy’s leg in drunken state

New Delhi: A day after reports of a man chopping off a puppy’s leg in Dwarka Sector 9 area, more bizarre events unfolded. According to reports in Mail Today, Pramod, the guilty of the crime, had done a series of violent acts before and after the incident.

Pramod’s peers made a few startling revelations that he used to go to a nearby park and catch pigeons, roast them and ate them while consuming alcohol. Pramod’s neighbours were aware of his cruelty towards animals and also towards his wife and six children.

Pramod had admitted that he chopped off the puppy’s legs because he was drunk and he also admitted that he had beaten his wife because she tried to stop him.

Promod also confessed that he had also been booked for stealing from his relatives. He allegedly stole utensils and clothes from his relatives but he is out on bail now.

More shockingly, the man blamed his wife for bad family planning as he has six children, the eldest is a 9-year-old and the youngest is just 6-months-old. Pramod earns around Rs 500 daily. Earlier, he was a bus conductor but he was fired from his job because of his violent behaviour.