Delhi medical council debars two doctors for 180 days against medical negligence

Delhi medical council debars two doctors for 180 days against medical negligence

New Delhi, Feb16:The Delhi Medical Council’s disciplinary committee has recommended that name of Dr. Ashwani Maichand and Dr. Rahul Kakran be removed from the State’s Medical Register for a period of 180 days for their medical negligence in operating upon the left leg of a 24-year-old-youth whose right leg was injured. The operation had been conducted at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar, last year.

The DMC had taken suo motu cognisance of the matter and initiated an enquiry into it. The Council’s Registrar Girish Tyagi said: “We investigated the matter and appropriate action has been taken. In this case, the doctors have failed to exercise reasonable degree of skill, knowledge and care which is expected of a prudent doctor in the treatment of a patient.”

The order of the disciplinary committee, dated January 16, 2017, was confirmed by the Delhi Medical Council in its meeting held recently, he added.

Injury on right ankle

Ravi Rai, a resident of Ashok Vihar, injured his right leg after he fell down from stairs last year in June. He was rushed to Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, where he underwent tests, including CT-scan and X-Ray, on the basis of which the doctors said Ravi has suffered a fracture and that his condition was serious.

His father Ramkaran Rai said that the doctors at the hospital told them that there was a fracture in the ankle of Ravi’s right leg and they needed to conduct a surgery to insert pins in his ankle for support.

‘Grave negligence’

“Trusting them we agreed for the surgery. But later, when our son gained consciousness, we realised that instead of the right leg, his left leg which was perfectly fine was operated upon. How can they operate the left leg when the injury is on the right leg? This is a case of grave negligence,” said the father.

Ravi, a CA student, had been shifted to another hospital for further treatment.

The parents complained to the police and approached the Medical Council of India (MCI) and Delhi Medical Association (DMA) for ,justice while the hospital issued a statement at that time insisting that “patients’ safety is of paramount importance”.

Hospital ‘concerned’

“We are deeply concerned and are looking into the matter and will take appropriate action as deemed necessary,’’ they had maintained.

Now after the decision of the DMC, the hospital refused to answer any questions about the two doctors and said they were asked to leave after the incident.