Delhi, no longer the most polluted city in the world says WHO

Even with more number of cows, Adithyanath's UP have far more toxic air than Delhi

New Delhi, May 12: In a big relief to Delhiites, an air pollution report by World Health Organization on the urban air quality reveals that the capital city of the country, Delhi is no more the most polluted city in the world. The report has been released on May 11, 2016.
In the list of 3000 metropolis from 103 nations, Delhi stands at the 11th spot when it comes to PM 2.5, which indicates ‘Fine Particulate Pollution’, and 25th in terms of PM 10 levels that denotes ‘Coarse Pollution Particles’.
Ever since, the Delhi ranked the highest polluted city in the world, people along with the concerned authorities have been taking many pivotal steps to cut down the air pollution. Finally, their efforts seems to have brought fruitful results.
The World Health Organization had evaluated only 1400 cities for its examination last year. But, they have added another 1600 towns for their examination this time making the total count of 3000.
Now, as per the new pollution report, Iranian City Zabol has taken the number one spot with the tag of the most polluted city in the world. Sadly, metropolis such as Gwalior and Allahabad from India are on the 2nd and 3rd spots in the new pollution ranking. The 6th and 7th spots were taken by Patna and Raipur respectively while the 9th and 10th spots were taken by Chinese cities Xintai and Baoding.
The new study also shows that outdoor air pollution is ascending with an alarming pace and over the past five years, it has augmented by 8 per cent world-wide. The alarming condition is undoubtedly a matter of concern since billions of people are open to fatal air pollution.
But then, the fresh survey has granted a new ray of hope to the people living in Indian Capital. Enhancement in air quality will help the human community in numerous ways with improving health and life expectancy of people living in these metropolis, feels Dr. Carlos Dora from WHO.
As per the report, over 80 per cent of the city people are inhaling air that can cause unfavorable effect in their respiratory health. Experts feels that to attain the more accurate results about the fatal air pollution, the WHO should have taken NOx into the account as well.