Delhi police adopts baby girl found in cloth bag on footpath

NEW DELHI,Oct20:  A day old baby girl bawls her heart out as doctors and nurses care for her at the AIIMS hospital in Delhi. The only visitors she has are policemen – and more staff.

The baby, found wailing under a flyover on Tuesday night, has been adopted by the police – for now. “Swadha” is the name they have given her. It means “divine approval”. At the hospital’s private ward, she is “Baby”.

The police received a call around 1 am that a baby was lying on the footpath at a prominent intersection in south Delhi. A team arrived at the spot in RK Puram and found the newborn in a cloth bag, umbilical cord still attached.
Sources say the police did find some clues from the bag but they have not revealed it.

They have adopted her and named her but haven’t stopped hunting for her parents. Policemen plan to stake out at the spot where she was found and look for witnesses.