Delhi police nabs gang members employed in courier firms who replaced phones with bricks

Delhi police nabs gang members employed in courier firms who replaced phones with bricks

New Delhi, October 3: An employee of a courier company is one among the two persons who got arrested for picking up 63 expensive mobile phones for delivery but replaced them with stones. The Delhi police are suspecting that at least two more men were involved in the racket.

The two persons and their associates who were arrested used fake identity proofs in order to take jobs as collection agents with courier companies. Their main intention was to steal the products they were supposed to collect. Vijay Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police said that they replaced items with brick pieces and stones to avoid early detection of their fraud. But with the arrest of two suspects that included an including an authorized collection agent of the courier company, the police have recovered all the stolen phones.

The two persons who got arrested are identified as Yoginder, 28, and Suraj, 20. Viajy Kumar said that “Yoginder was the authorized collection agent. We came to know that Yoginder Singh was hiding in Chandni Chowk, we did a house-to-house search and arrested him.”

The courier companies cannot open offices everywhere, so they depend on these collection agents to do the job for them. In this case, the courier company was based in Jaipur and Yoginder Singh was their authorized agent in Delhi. In September, Yoginder Singh took a delivery of  63 high-end mobile phones from a person based in west Delhi’s Kirti Nagar. Vijay Kumar said that “Yoginder Singh replaced all of them with stones and sent them to the consignee. When the consignee found stones in each of the boxes, he approached us with a complaint.”

The complaint of consignee started an investigation, but Yoginder Singh had already gone into hiding by then. The police followed Yoginder Singh with the little clues he had left behind. After Yoginder Singh was arrested, his associate Suraj was also grabbed. Yoginder Singh and Suraj had hidden the stolen phones in a godown in west Delhi’s Uttam Nagar.