Delhi resident gets back purse from traffic police officer with money intact

Delhi resident gets back purse from traffic police officer with money intact

NewDelhi, Jan 11:A resident of New Delhi has shared his heartfelt gratitude after a traffic police officer found and returned his wallet. Not a rupee of the Rs. 50,000 he had in it was missing. In his post on the Delhi Traffic Police Facebook page, Jagpreet Singh describes how Sub Inspector Madan Singh helped him out. The post, shared on January 8, has won a lot of love on the social networking site with over 12,000 reactions and more than 3,100 shares. “Remember, we’ve good people in police and they will always help us,” he says and this story will help bring a smile to your face.

In his post, Mr Singh says he accidentally dropped his wallet on January 7 while pushing his car which broke down in the middle of a road. He only realized his wallet was missing once he reached home. He doesn’t reveal where this happened. Luckily for him, a cop found it.

“I got a call from Sub Inspector Madan Singh who saw one cyclist picking up my wallet from the road and his sharp eyes saw him,” he says on Facebook. The cop realised that the wallet didn’t belong to the cyclist and confiscated it. It contained the cash, including some foreign currency, along with debit and credit cards and other important identification cards.

“He then searched my wallet and found my visiting card and called me on my cell phone and informed that he found my wallet and informed me about where he found it, and advised me to collect from him from same intersection where I dropped it,” Mr Singh says.

When he went to collect his wallet, he was surprised to find all his belongings intact in the wallet. “I tried to reward him too but he politely refused to accept reward and identified my identity and handed over my wallet to me,” he says.

He ends his post by requesting Delhi Police to ‘appreciate this man and his honesty’.

Several people on Facebook were left impressed by the cop’s actions.

“Hats off to this honest cop. There is no denying the fact that good people are there but such honest people are rare. We must salute to this legend who made true efforts to locate the gentleman who lost his wallet,” says one commenter. “I am really happy to read about this honest police person! Only such people keep our faith in police alive. I earnestly wish there were many more like him in our police force!” says another.

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