Delhi smog: All schools shut until Sunday, declares Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, vehicles pile up in several places

One dead, five injured after five vehicles collided Madhya Pradesh's Bhind due to dense fog. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, November 8: As the national capital continued to witness dense smog even on Wednesday morning, the Delhi’s chief Minister Manish Sisodia have directed all schools to remain closed till Sunday.

The common people are facing several inconveniences in their daily routine due to less visibility. As the environment is filled with polluted air, people are seen wearing masks to prevent inhaling polluted air. The weather department had even released a data which shows deteriorating quality of air.

Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi on Wednesday stated that the air quality in the national capital was deteriorating drastically.

 “Dilli mein hawaa ki stithi bigad rahi hai. Aise mein bachchon ke swaasthya se samjhautaa nahin kiya ja sakta. Ravivaar tak Dilli ke sabhi school band rakhne ke nirdesh diye hain,” tweeted Sisodia.

On Wednesday, Delhi again woke up to a gas chamber filled with smog. Moreover, the air quality which was harmfully low.

As a blanket of polluted smog covered the entire city, people, as well as police personnel on duty, have started wearing masks to avoid inhaling the polluted air.

The pollution of the air in the Lodhi road area in Delhi is remaining hazardous as the levels of prominent pollutant

The air quality of Delhi’s Lodhi Road area remained severe with the levels of prominent pollutants PM 10 and PM 2.5.

The health advisory by the Delhi Government recommends children, elderly people as well as those suffering from asthma and heart diseases to remain at home to avoid breathing outdoor air, which is hazardously polluted.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had announced a “public health emergency” in Delhi as the air quality has reduced drastically due to the rising pollution levels.

Experts cautioned people to stay away from outdoor physical activities.

Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh, two people were killed in road accidents due to dense smog.