Delhi University gets it’s own monumental flag

New Delhi, Jan 25 (IANS) Delhi University got its first monumental flag on Wednesday when Naveen Jindal, President of Flag Foundation of India (FFOI), hoisted a 100 ft-high tricolour at the Hansraj College here.

The hoisting of the monumental flag marked the 13th year of the verdict of the Supreme Court, which stated in 2004 that hoisting the flag is the fundamental right of every citizen.

Although national flags are installed in many colleges across nation, the one installed in Hansraj College is the only monumental flag in any central university in India.

The 30×45 feet flag, installed on a 100-ft pole, is second only to one in Connaught Place (CP), which is hoisted at a lofty height of 207 ft, with a flag measuring 60×90 ft.

A monumental flag is different from other flags in that it is hoisted at a height of at least 100 ft, and unlike the latter need not be taken down at sunset. Such flags are illuminated from below after the sunset to keep its august appearance intact even after dark.

“When I went to study in the US, I witnessed a pervasion of American flags everywhere, cars, houses, offices etc. I wondered why we could not do it in India,” Jindal, who is also an alumnus of the college and a Member of Parliament, said in an address to the college students.

“After coming back we approached the court pleading Freedom of Expression since hoisting the national flag is a matter of expressing one’s sentiments. The verdict came in our favour and the apex court agreed with our contention,” he said.

This was the 65th monumental flag hoisted by the FFOI with the first being raised at Kaithal in Haryana at the height of 207 ft, similar to the one in CP, in 2009.

“The ‘Tiranga’ (tricolour) unites us in diversity; it is every citizen’s pride,” he added urging all Indians to take pride in displaying the national flag.