Delhi woman mows down 2 year old by car ,on headphones,riding in bicycle

NewDelhi,August4:A two-year-old in Delhi died after a woman, who was wearing headphones while driving, mowed him down, oblivious to the mother’s screams.

Indian Express reports that the incident took place in south-west Delhi’s Palam area and that an FIR has been registered against the woman who is out on bail.

The police told the newspaper that the incident took place on Wednesday afternoon when two-year-old Deepak was playing near his house, with his mother, Preeti, watching. “While he was outside, an i-20 car backed up and crushed the boy under its wheels,” a police officer reportedly said.

According to the report, the child’s mother has alleged that she kept screaming and ran after the car for a distance but the woman did not slow the car down. She has reportedly alleged that she knocked on the car’s window but the woman refused to accept that she had run over someone.

The child was reportedly taken to a hospital nearby, which refused treatment. He was reportedly declared ‘brought dead’ at the DDU hospital.

The incident follows another from the NCR region inJanuary this year, when a woman in an Audi endangered the life of a pregnant woman and held up traffic, only for the cops to let her go scot-free later.