Delhi’s most wanted gangster Sonu Dariyapur arrested

Delhi's most wanted gangster Sonu Dariyapur arrested

New Delhi, September 15: Sonu Dariyapur, Delhi’s most wanted gangster arrested after a nearly 10- years hunt.

According to reports, police stated that the gangster was arrested after a brief shootout in the early hours of Thursday near the outskirts of Delhi.

The gangster had allegedly driven to Narela in a car to meet a friend, when he was caught.

Sonu Dariyapur, the gangster is charged in more than 10 cases of murder, extortion and kidnapping and is accused of killing a police officer and another gangster earlier this year.

Police officials stated that, in a trip-off, the gangster was visiting the area,by this police officer have blocked all exit routes, Sonu Dariyapur allegedly stepped out of his car and fired at the police, the police have collect two guns from him.

He carried a reward of Rs. 5 lakh.

Earlier in a shoot out on April 30, the gangster Monu Dariyapur, two police men guarding him and two others were attacked allegedly by Gangster Sonu, by that incident Monu and two other were killed.

Police say about the gangster story like Monu and Sonu were friends since they were children and worked together in a gang but the two fell out reportedly when Monu married Sonu’s cousin.

Earlier in 2006 incident, Gangster Sonu Dariyapur had fired at a car in which Monu and his wife were travelling. They were wounded but their driver was killed. Monu was provided Delhi police security after the incident.

Sonu was arrested, but three years later, he jumped parole. While on the run, he allegedly killed Monu’s elder brother.

The gangster travelled to many places like Nepal, Punjab, Haryna and Himachal Pradesh while hiding from the police for so long, he never use mobile phone to avoid detection.
Police officials says that he always kept in touch with his gang, through social media. On thursday morning, he emerged from his latest hideout in Himachal Pradesh when the police finally caught up with him.