Dell strikes gold in e-waste disposal

Dell strikes gold in e-waste disposal efforts

Las Vegas, January 11: Dell strikes gold in e-waste disposal efforts; literally and metaphorically.

The PC manufacturer Dell has successfully recycled gold from discarded motherboard and has made jewelry out of them. Dell has been involved in research activities to mitigate the threat posed by e-waste, which is intensifying day by day. The efforts finally reached a breakthrough when the technology giant was able to extract gold from discarded motherboards.

The company is all set to turn this process extensive and the company will soon begin the extraction of gold and production of gold on a large scale.

The jewelry collection was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is presently going on in Las Vegas and the jewelry was designed in collaboration with Hollywood actress Nikki Reed.

The jewelry line is nominated in ‘Best of CES 2018 Peoples Choice Award Finalists!’ at the CES. The electronic show will end on January 12.