‘Demonetisation criticism ‘inconsequential’ compared to support’

Kolkata, Dec 30 (IANS) Criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “disruptive” demonetisation move is “inconsequential” in comparison to the tremendous support it has received, a top official said here on Friday.

“Despite tremendous amount of pain, people, especially the common man, have supported him. The criticism is inconsequential compared to the tremendous amount of support,” Ajay Mittal, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, said here at an event.

Dubbing it as a “major disruption” that is constructive for India, Mittal said the future will ultimately tell us of the move’s impact.

“What ultimately comes out future will tell us. There was a state of cosy equilibrium. We knew something is wrong. The PM disrupted that equilibrium that had been accepted over the last few decades. The way society and economy was going, you and I felt that something needs to be done. No one had the courage. So he came and he disrupted,” Mittal added.