Demonetisation debate In Rajya Sabha : Sitaram Yechury mocks ‘Modi Antoinette’

Sitaram Yechury
The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) today attacked the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government for not making public the data on the amount of old currency deposited in banks post note ban.

New Delhi, Nov 16: Sitaram Yechury on notes ban in parliament. While the Lok Sabha adjourned after obituary references, in the Rajya Sabha, the Congress began the attack on demonetisation, followed by Ram Gopal Yadav and Sitaram Yechury. Highlights of what Yechury said in the RS…

— If you stop Rs 500/1000 notes, do you think corruption will stop? Now corruption will double with Rs 2000 notes.

— If none of the objectives are to be fulfilled by this, what is the meaning of this move?

— In the French revolution, they said if you don’t have bread eat cake. Now Modi says if you don’t have paper, pay by plastic. Now we have Modi Antoinette. What is the coverage of your plastic money. People are suffering and the suffering is increasing by the day.

— Why are you agonising people. What is this fascistic way of controlling people’s personal lives.

— There is a ‘chamakta’ (shining) India, for them Paytm and electronic wallets are viable. What about the ‘tarasta’ (troubled) Bharat.

— What is this mayhem you have created?  There so many suicides. People can’t get their father, mother treated in hospital

— PM said 50 days more required for alternative arrangement to come into place. Till those alternative arrangements are not in place, allow these notes to be transacted for all white transactions, public purposes.