Demonetisation Effect: Pensioners get money in 2 Rupee coins at Jalandhar

Jalandhar, Dec 03: Several pensioners were enraged after they were given Rs 1,000 in Rs 2 coins at Jalandhar banks.

Pensioners, who all got a specified amount of Rs 10,000 each, were given Rs 9000 in notes while the remaining Rs 1,000 was disbursed in Rs 2 coins. After getting the coins, one of the pensioners asked, What will I do with Rs 2 coins. How will these help me?

Aajkal toh bachche bhi nahin lete do rupaye ke sikke. Kya karenge hum inka? Sarkar ne ye haalat kar di hai ab hamaari (These days even children dont accept these coins. How will we use them? The government has brought us down to such a level), said another furious pensioner.