Demonetisation has taken away power of the rich: Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi is speaking at the launch of a railway project in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. Highlights:
* I have come here on 14th Nov deliberately, to expose those who did not work towards fulfilling what Pandit Nehru had wanted to do.
* Pandit Nehru, your family members abuse me, your party abuses me but I am here to fulfil what was left incomplete from your time.
* Today on Pandit Nehru’s birthday, I pledge to reopen those files, which his party and family PMs never did.
* This govt is for villages, poor & farmers. India has no dearth of money; problem is we don’t know where that money is hidden.
* I am the ninth prime minister from Uttar Pradesh.
* Who imagined the fertiliser plant in Gorakhpur will get fresh lease of life, this Govt has done it. Poorvanchal has got AIIMS also. Uttar Pradesh has given many prime ministers to the country
* I want to transform the lives of the farmers here. I am aware the vegetables grown here are very good
* I salute this land(Ghazipur) which gave birth to Vir Abdul Hamid, who taught Pakistan a lesson in 1965 war.
* I had come here in May 2014, that time I had come to seek your support and you placed your faith in me
* Demonetisation has taken away the power of the rich. Today, underprivileged people are sleeping peacefully, the rich are roaming markets to buy sleeping pills.