Demonetisation was not the answer to black money, says former PM Manmohan Singh in Kochi

Demonetisation was not the answer to black money, says former PM Manmohan Singh in Kochi. Photo: Twitter

Kochi/Kerala, November 18: Former prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that although the Congress supported Goods and Services tax but did not like the way it was implemented in the country.

Manmohan singh siad that he did not know how to curb black money in the country but demonetisation was not the response to the issue. He said that to tackle the black money in the country, we would have simplified our tax system, land registration system and administration.

While speaking at a public meeting in Kochi that was organised by Congress-led United Democratic Front said that Goods and Services tax is an idea but we would have implemented it after due care and adequate preparation.

According to sources, Manmohan Singh criticized harshly about demonetisation and called it a historic blunder. The Bharatiya Janata Party JP government that came into power with tall promises failed in implementing those promises.

Manmohan Singh further mentioned that the parties in India should coordinate with the Congress to fight aginst the wrong policies of the BJP government.

Manmohan Singh asked that even at the national level are we going to oppose the BJP as a united front or will the CPI(M) keep BJP and Congress at the same distance?

Manmohan Singh blamed the CPI (M)-led LDF government of Kerala by saying that the rule of law has collapsed , women in the state are no more safe and economic progress is slow.

Manmohan Singh added that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is working hard and hope that his efforts would bring good results for the party when the election results of the two states are announced.