Details of Reliance Jio subscribers leaked: Company says data is safe, probe on

Details of Reliance Jio subscribers leaked: Company says data is safe, probe on.

New Delhi, July 10: In what is probably the biggest breach of personal data, some 120 million subscriber’s personal details have been leaked on a website. Just typing in a Jio number will display a person’s name, email address and alarmingly, his Aadhar number. The Aadhar number is displayed if the person used it while enrolling for the SIM.

PCMag India accessed the website and we can vouch for the authenticity of the leak. For obvious reasons, we are not naming the website which is hosting the leaked information and can be accessed by just about anyone. The details of subscribers like first name, middle name, last name, mobile number, Email-Id, circle-Id, SIM activation date and time, and Aadhaar number were reportedly leaked.

whois query revealed the website is hosted by the web hosting company but so far, there is no way of knowing who owns the domain. The query shows the website is registered privately.

Reliance Jio is the newest entrant in the telecom space and happens to be the first victim of such an attack. Neither Airtel nor Vodafone or any other telecom company for that matter, had its subscriber details revealed like this. And this speaks a lot about the lapses in security in Jio’s servers.

“Confidential details of Jio customers such as Aadhar Number, Email ID, etc seems to be compromised. As of now, it’s not confirmed whether their database was hacked or if this is a website used for internal purposes. In any case, this is a serious issue of security lapse. Corporations should pay more attention to keep their data secure,“ ethical hacker Kanishk Sajnani said in a statement to PCMag India.

We have reached out to Reliance Jio about the incident and will update the article as and when we get a response.