DGCA clarifies that there is no ban on new, replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones

NewDelhi,Oct1:Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices are still causing a lot of trouble for Samsung, but the company has said in a statement saying that there is no restriction set by DGCA on the use of select Note 7 phones on planes. Samsung has clarified that the DGCA has issued an advisory to airlines and the public, stating that it is lifting the restrictions on the in-flight use of the Galaxy Note 7 devices that have been purchased after September 15.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has imposed restrictions on the carrying of Galaxy Note 7 devices in check-in baggages since September 9. The restriction also asked Note 7 users to keep their devices off through the entire flight, and also to not charge them on board.

 This restriction will however not apply to Galaxy Note 7 devices that have been purchased after September 15. Customers can identify their devices as safe, if they carry a ‘green battery icon’ on them. If your Galaxy Note 7 has this icon on it, it is safe to charge and use it on airplanes.

Samsung had not started the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 in India, and has delayed the launch of the device after a lot of reports of the phones exploding started surfacing on the Internet. The company has recalled all Note 7 devices that have been shipped across the world. The recall is expected to cost the company billions of dollars. According to an official statement by the CPSC, there have been 92 reports of the batteries overheating in US itself.

“It is important to note that Samsung has not sold a single unit of Galaxy Note 7 in India so far. The ‘green battery icon’ will apply to all Galaxy Note 7 units that will be sold to customers in India when it is launched. We recognize the inconvenience this has caused to customers, flyers and airline authorities, and remain committed towards customer safety,” Samsung said in its statement.