Did BJP Chief Amit Shah’s Janaraksha Yatra focus right issues in Kerala ?

Did BJP Chief Amit Shah's Janaraksha Yatra focus right issues in Kerala ?

Thiruvananthapuram, October 18: Aiming to achieve the goodwill to conquering Kerala, BJP has organized a member with 25 MPs and MLAs and 10 national leaders, 16 union minister, 4 chief minister and one deputy chief minister had to join hand with Janaraksha Yatra.

Starting from Payyannur to Thiruvananthapuram led by state BJP chief Kummanam Rajashekharan on Tuesday. instead of evaluating the success of the Janaraksha Yatra some of the leaders are indulged in exposing the damage caused to the party.

According to reports, Amit Shah joined the Janaraksha Yatra on the last day, and the rally didn’t focus on right issues in Kerala, He walked along party cadres in the three-km stretch and addressed a public meeting. it also  stated that the rally was introduced as a build up for  the Lok Sabha elections in 2019,

Recollecting on the old issues the party may have to spend a lot of time to undo the damage these leaders have done. The Janaraksha Yatra sent out a negative message in the first leg itself when Shah quit the march mid-way.

Meanwhile, Yogi Adityanath when he visited Kerala to compare health issues in the state, which has received international acclaim for its health indices and harped on his pet theme love jihad.

Above the visit of Yogi Adityanath Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan countered him with a well by thanking him for letting the country know about the state’s achievements in the health sector. Also, the Chief Minister made a comparison between the Infant Mortality Rate in Kerala and that of Uttar Pradesh.

Connecting to this The newly appointed Union minister Alphons Kannanthanam had made himself a comment that target to attack by harping on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s toilet vis-a-vis petrol price philosophy.

In social media, he trolled extensively for making such a statement in the 100 percent defecation-free as well as consumer state, where the rise in petrol and diesel prices will have a huge impact.

Through this, The opposition led by the Congress party sought to seize the opportunity by organizing  Harthal on 5 October and a hartal on 16 October against the increase in prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas and other anti-people policies of Modi government.

The failure in the Janaraksha yatra, however, point out in BJP national secretary Saroj Pandey, with a controversy by threatening to gouge out the eyes of CPM workers if they continue to show their eyes to her party workers in Kerala. on Sunday in Chattisgarh district, it has also been called for violence against the yatra’s focus on the CPM violence.

Beyond this The Janaraksha yatra turned out to be a vital issue in social media with the users flooding Twitter and Facebook with sarcastic comments against leaders, who participated in the march, They ridiculed attempts by the leaders to portray Kerala in a bad light.

Reports say that the BJP is trying to make Kerala by communally dividing people as the saffron party which is don in the northern state and it is difficult that The communal engineering will not succeed in Kerala,  where BJP has failed to read the mind of Keralites.

The strategy worked out by the BJP national leadership to win 12 seats in the coming Lok Sabha election will not work. It has been worked out by people who are unaware of the ethos of the people in the 100 percent literate state.

However, the BJP has claimed that the Janaraksha yatra as a big success.  MT Ramesh Party general secretary stated that huge turnout at the rallies held as part of the Janaraksha Yatra was a sign of rising support base of the party.

Some of the pointing criticism from LDF and UDF leaders clearly showed that the yatra had an unsettling effect on them. They are rattled by the new ground that BJP is making in the state.

Waiting for the next election will say whether the Janaraksha Yatra was a success or failure.