Digging the Killing fields of Kannur

Kochi, May 9: Kerala Assembly polls round the corner, the latest edition of Organiser the mouth piece of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), carries a couple of articles which dig out the past violent politics of Kannur.
Apart from the cover story, “Killing fields of Kannur,” the edition also carries stories based on the families of CPI (M) martyrs, P Jayarajan’s bail and also about living legends of Kannur.
The opening article of the Organiser alleges that media in Kerala is politically biased. It also stated that CPI (M) is the common factor in all political clashes of Kerala.
“It proves the CPI(M)’s intolerance towards other ideological groups and ideologies. The RSS and affiliated organisations are the worst affected ideological groups in this violent mess lashed out by the CPI(M),” the article says.
The articles heavily come down on CPI (M) and said that violent politics of Kannur began even much before the independence and period of Emergency catalysed it. It described that most of the RSS martyrs were former CPI(M) men or at least the family members of CPI(M) men.
“At the hands of CPI(M) criminals. In Kannur alone, 78 swayamsevaks have been killed,” one of the article said
Another article significantly pointed that the RSS was always ready to have compromise talks to put an end to violet politics in the state. It also reminded that RSS leader P. Parameswaran had written to then CPI(M) general secretary E.M.S. Namboodiripad over this issue. It also said that Namboodiripad replied to the letter positively. It also pointed that RSS team had met former Chief Minister E K Nayanar in Delhi to take forward the compromise talks.