Do you remember Eman Ahmed, once the world’s heaviest woman? Her new look should embarrass you

Eman Ahmed
Eman Ahmed's sister do not want to take her back to Egypt, now alleges doctor is fooling

Mumbai, April 20: Yes, it is not a dream before your eyes! This is Eman Ahmed, the Egyptian woman, who came to Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital for treatment,  months ago.

Eman Ahmed, the 36-year-old woman, who weighed 504 kg at the time of her arrival hospital, is all smiles and can now fit into a wheelchair after losing about 250 kg after she arrived in Mumbai in February for a treatment of severe obesity.

Image of Eman Ahmed at the time when she reached Mumbai.

On Wednesday, doctors treating Eman Ahmed uploaded videos of a ‘happier and slimmer’ Eman sitting on a wheelchair. Doctors said she is doing well and is much alert than before. Check out her video below!

“Eman Ahmed can finally fit into a wheelchair and sit for a longer period of time, something we never dreamt of 3 months ago,” the doctors saying. The videos were shot on April 18th.

Eman underwent a bariatric surgery – sleeve gastrectomy – on March 7 at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai. Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who operated on Eman Ahmed, said she has lost approximately half her weight in within two months.

The rapid weight loss has also dramatically improved Eman Ahmed’s health parameters as her heart, kidneys, lung and fluid levels are all under control, although she is still in medication for those.

Doctors said that Eman may or may not need a second stage bariatric surgery after two years. They are now focusing on her neurological problems. Eman had suffered a stroke 3 years ago, which left her right side paralyzed and to suffer occasional seizures and unable to swallow liquids or speak properly.

“She hasn’t walked. The stroke left her bound to the bed. Our team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists are trying to mobilise her. We hope to see her walk someday, although we can’t determine the exact timeframe yet,” said Dr Lakdawala.

Although the treatment will continue, Eman has now been shifted out of the room specially designed for her onto a normal hospital bed.