Doctor duo to fund Rs one clinics at five Mumbai stations after mother’s paralysis

Doctor duo to fund Rs one clinics at five Mumbai stations after mother's paralysis

Mumbai,May4:After an accident left their mother paralysed, two doctors decided to set up affordable medical clinics to help victims at crowded railway stations. Five railway stations in Mumbai will get cost effective medical clinics from this week. The ‘one rupee clinics’ will be inaugurated at Central and Harbour line railway stations – Dadar, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Mulund and Wadala Road and Mulund stations.

The unique clinic is a brainchild of Dr Rahul Ghule and his elder brother Dr Amol Ghule. According to the doctors, the aim of the ‘one rupee clinic’ initiative is to give medical treatment to the general public and accident victims at crowded railway stations. The five clinics are a pilot project, and by August this year, another 19 clinics will be opened with a similar concept at different Central and Harbour line stations in the city. Speaking about the initiative, Dr Rahul Ghule said, “The main objective of the clinic is to give primary medical treatment to commuters and accident victims.

Every clinic will have a team of over four MBBS doctors. We wanted to make an affordable health service platform for the public. Specialist MD doctors will be visiting the clinics for around four hours daily.” The clinic will be funded by the two doctors.

Health-care facilities are now beyond the common man’s reach. Affordability of health-care facilities have reduced considerably due to budget constraints. Budget of a household collapses if the cost of medical care goes beyond their capacity.

The growing disparity between health care and its affordability for the common man has inspired Mumbai’s two doctors to introduce a ‘One Rupee Clinic’ at city’s railway stations.

“My mother met with an accident and as she could not get medical help for over an hour-and-a-and-half. She was admitted to the hospital for six months and she has been paralysed. This incident prompted us to think about doing our bit to save others. So, the one rupee clinic idea was born,” said Dr Rahul.

At one rupee clinic is a common man’s clinic, wherein people can avail medical facilities by paying just one rupee. The aim of the clinic is to provide health-care facilities to common man.

On an average, 18 accidents take place every day on Mumbai suburban railway line. In 2016, 3,208 passengers lost their lives and till March 2017, 633 people died in various accidents. Most of these people die due to unavailability of immediate medical aid.

“First hour after an accident is considered as ‘golden’ hour. If victims get medical aid, then their chances of survival are high. So, with these clinics, it is our motto to strive to save as many lives as possible by providing the required and immediate medical aid in the golden hour,” the doctor added.

Highlights of One Rupee Clinic:

  • At each station, a team of around five doctors will be available.
  • These doctors are MBBS.
  • Specialist MD doctors will visit the clinics for around four house hours every day.
  • It will be a 24-hours medical facility.
  • Doctors associated with the clinic are volunteers who have opted for community service.
  • Around 100 doctors and specialists from all medical fields will treat patients.
  • Medicines will be made available at 20% discount
  • For blood, sonography and other tests, patients will be charged 40% less than actual market price.

Dr Rahul appreciates the support he received from the Railways management to let their dream come true.

“Nearly 75 lakh commuters use Mumbai’s suburban local trains every day and the one rupee clinic will definitely prove helpful for the commuters,” says a hopeful Dr Rahul.