Doctors find chewed up 25 tennis balls inside Doberman’s stomach

Doctors find chewed up 25 tennis balls inside Doberman's stomach

Dogs tend to gnaw on almost anything they find when they are hungry, but sometimes such a habit can lead to tricky situations. Pets love toys and some canines may be fascinated by them a bit too much.

When a doberman named Stella stopped eating food, her owner was afraid if she had swallowed something poisonous. When he took her to the vet, everyone was shocked to find a pile of 25 tennis balls weighing over a kilo in Stella’s stomach.

 The owner Colin Hutchinson is a retired policeman and was astonished to know that doctors found chewed up tennis balls and one whole ball inside Stella. He was thankful that they operated that night since a delay could’ve led to Stella’s intestine rupturing.

He mentioned that Stella loves chasing balls and he uses a launcher when he is out with her. Although he never lost any, he is assuming she found some lying around in the field.