Doctors remove a 70mm filarial worm from a woman’s eye during surgery in Kerala

Doctors remove a 70mm filarial worm from a woman's eye during surgery in Kerala

Kochi,June13: Doctors are surprised every single day with the kind of cases they get and most of the time involves a really complex surgery that could be crucial for the patient. A woman in Kerala recently visited the hospital complaining of irritation and the doctors conducted a complex surgery to treat it.

There are all kinds of medical cases being reported everyday and while some of them are believable, there are many that are beyond the understanding of common man. Doctors in Kerala recently removed an unusual object from a woman’s eye when she reported irritation by doing a complex surgery.

According to a media report, Lalitha visited the Ernakulam General Hospital complaining of irritation but little did she know that the uneasiness was caused because of a worm in her eye. The doctors removed a 70mm worm of the Dirofilaria genus in a 10 minute-long surgery from the woman’s eye.

The 56-year-old woman was given a local anaesthesia before the surgery was conducted successfully to remove the unlikely visitor. The worm is known to cause Elephantiasis but the was lucky to have got it removed before it affected her.