Doctors remove foetus, mistaken to be a tumour, from 15-years-old boy, which was draining out the teen’s blood

Doctors remove foetus, mistaken to be a tumour, from 15-years-old boy, which was draining out the teen's blood. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, October 5: In a unique incident, doctors removed the unborn twin of a 15-year-old Malaysian boy’s stomach. The doctors called it a foetus which had its own skin, hair and mail genitalia at the time doctors took it out of the boy’s belly.

The teen was examined thoroughly after he complained of severe stomach ache. Since his birth, the boy looked bloated. But doctors could not find what the real problem is.

A permanent solution has been obtained as the boy sought emergency care for his unidentified problem and pain.

Alarmingly, the unborn foetus was dangerously draining the boy’s blood. Even at that time, the doctors to which he was consulted have mistaken it to be a tumour.

The foetus was found and removed by the surgeons at Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sungai Petani. The foetus weighed 1.6 Kg had deformed limbs, says a report in Daily Mail.

The doctors certified that the baby could not survive independently. Moreover, it did not have a mouth or an umbilical cord or placenta, the report added.

As the boy suffered severe stomach ache, the doctors prescribed to take a CT scan. This scanning revealed the presence of a hard mass over the middle of the boy’s abdomen. This mass is typical in certain cases of tumours.

The scan report says that there was a 23.8Cm long, huge intra-abdominal mass along with a developing spine. The presence of the spine became a turning point in the analysis and the doctors came out of their suspicion that it was a tumour.

The doctors’ report says that there are components in favour of a foetus that was seen within the mass. This formation includes a deformed skull, vertebral body and bones with considerable length.

As per the request of the boy’s mother, doctors gave the foetus to his family. They wished to hold a funeral for the unknown, unborn baby.

According to certain researchers, the foetus-in-fetu is determined as a developmental abnormality. In such cases, a mass of tissue which resembles a foetus would form inside the body.

There are only 200 cases reported in the Medical literature of this rare condition globally.