Doklam standoff: Chinese Army holds military drill to threaten India

Doklam standoff: Chinese Army holds military drill to threaten India

New Delhi, August 21: The Chinese army began measures to threaten India amidst the Doklam controversy. The Western Command of China began the measures. According to media reports from China, the People Liberation unit (PLA) of 10 people , including fighter aircraft and armored, took part. However, it was not told where  People Liberation unit had performed this maneuver.

According to the Chinese newspaper, it was told that the reason of this exercise was to demonstrate the ability to shock India with its own reason. The newspaper also told that  People Liberation unit  tested its plateau warfare capability in this exercise.

Since the Doklam controversy, China is continuously trying to show their military strength. But China has one condition that India must remove its forces from Doklam. Home Minister Rajnath Singh commented on the Doklam dispute that India would not take any action in the attack but wants peace. He added that the ongoing standoff between India and china would be resolved soon. China would also take positive initiate from their side.

Doklam is a disputed area amidst Bhutan and China. According to India, the area belongs to Bhutan and the Chinese troops entered in the area which affected the strategic interests of India. The dispute between India and China has continued since  when the  Bhutanese army got help by the India to stop Chinese soldiers  to build a road in Dokalam. The Doklam Plateau to Bhutan is connected by the  Duka La is a route to India. China and Bhutan has a has a dispute over Dokalam.

The Indian name of the area is Doklam, while the Bhutanese call it Dokalam and Chinese call it Donglong. China and Bhutan are negotiating to resolve this area. No strategic relationship is there amidst China and Bhutan and Bhutan receives military and strategic cooperation from India.