Doklam standoff: India slaps its own face after deciding to build road in Ladakh, says China

Doklam standoff: India slaps its own face after deciding to build road in Ladakh, says China. Photograph: Twitter

Beijing/China, August 25: China smashed India regarding the plans of India to build a new road near Pangong lake in the Ladakh sector. Hua Chunying, the spokesperson of Chinese foreign ministry said that “India is slapping on its own face.” The statement of Hua Chunying said the statement after the reports emerged that India was building a 20 km road amidst Marsimik La and Hot Spring in Ladakh near Pangong Lake along the Line of Actual Control- the location of a recent scuffle between Indian and Chinese troops.

Once the road would be constructed, the 32.9 km standalone road would provide access to security forces to remote areas in the east Ladakh region, which previously observed invasion from Chinese forces. India and China have an argument  over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the western sector of Ladakh. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the new road project is “in complete contradiction to its deeds in terms of the border issues”.

Hua Chunying said that “The ongoing road construction in the area by India would not favor peace and stability in the area. It would not help with the settlement of the present situation. India is closely following the road-building of China but the actions of India has proved that the actions from the Indian side says something and does something else.

This issue is between the two-month standoff in the Doklam area near the Sikkim border between the Indian and Chinese troops after India argued against China to build a road. India heard that the construction of Chinese road in Doklam is a threat to the country.

Both Beijing and New Delhi are blaming each other for the military standoff at Doklam.