Donald Trump suggests voter fraud happening across the US

Washington, Nov 9 (IANS) US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday said that there were reports of voter fraud happening across the country, claiming that some people were trying to vote for Republicans only for their selection to change to Democrats.

“It’s happening at various places today, it’s been reported,” he said. “The machines, you put down a Republican and it registers as a Democrat, and they have had a lot of complaints about that today,” The Washington Post quoted Trump as saying during a telephone interview on Fox News.

It was not immediately clear what accounts Trump was referring to when he mentioned “a lot of complaints” about the issue.

There was a report out of Clinton Township, an area near Pittsburgh, that quoted some voters saying their tickets were switching from Trump to Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent.

According to that report, officials there said the machines were fixed and the problem resolved. There have also been other issues with machines, including some cases of them showing incorrect votes, though it was unclear how widespread this was.

Throughout the election day, there have been a number of complaints nationwide of voter intimidation and some scattered reports of fraud across social media, as well as some reports of voting machines going down in a handful of states.