Don’t make triple talaq debate political: Centre to Asking All India Muslim Personal Law Board

New Delhi, Oct 14: Asking All India Muslim Personal Law Board not to make political statements over the issue of triple talaq, the Centre on Friday said that the core issue is gender justice and not politics.

Referring MPLB’s press conference on Thursday, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said some people are confusing triple talaq with Uniform Civil Code.

He also called the Muslim body for a debate on Uniform Civil Code.

“What is the objection I dont understand and why to bring in the PM? Let us have a healthy debate on the core issue,” Naidu said.

“You want to boycott Law Commission then its your choice but dont force your view on others and dont make it political,” Naidu said.

He also sought to know why the MPLB called the PM a dictator.

The All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board and various other outfits on Thursday opposed the Law Commissions questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code and announced their boycott of the move, accusing the government of waging a ‘war’ against the community.