Don’t want to restrict myself to certain roles: Sshivada

Chennai, Feb 6 (IANS) Actress Sshivada Nair has stunned critics and audiences alike in a negative role in her latest Tamil release “Adhe Kangal”. She says she doesn’t want to get typecast in any way, and would like to experiment.

Buoyed by the response she has received so far for her role, Sshivada told IANS: “It’s been overwhelming. I never expected this kind of a response. It feels really special when you realize that audiences are clapping and whistling for you in theatres.”

In the film, she plays a con woman with an angry streak. She tricks blind men and cheats them off their money.

Initially, she had her own reservations about the role.

“Even though I was confident when I read the script and heard the narration, I did have my own doubts when it came to shooting. After we shot a scene on the first day, I wasn’t satisfied. I remember going back to my caravan and telling my mother if I could do this,” she said.

However, her director Rohin Venkatesan was very positive from the beginning.

“He asked me to get more involved with the character and that motivation really helped,” she added.

Aware of the fact that she will be flooded with similar roles going forward, Sshivada said: “If I’m convinced with a role, I will do it no matter what. But I can’t accept a role because I did something similar in my last film. I don’t want to restrict myself with certain type of roles.”

Currently running in cinemas, “Adhe Kangal” also stars Kalaiarasan and Janani Iyer.