Downton Abbey cast hopeful about movie

London, Jan 23 (IANS) Cast of hit TV series “Downton Abbey’ is hopeful that a movie will be made on the same.

Actress Phyllis Logan, who essayed Mrs Hughes in the long-running drama, insisted she didn’t take any props from the set when the show finished because she is sure she will need them again for a big-screen adaptation, reports

“People ask me if I was tempted to take a wig or that big bunch of keys I carried, but that would be theft, because these things aren’t my property,” She told You magazine.

“Besides, if there’s a ‘Downton’ movie, which I hope will happen, all the props and costumes will be needed.

“It’s like herding cats! We’re all so busy and in different countries, but it would be such fun to get together again. The camaraderie on set was extraordinary,” Logan added.