Drawing a parallel between economic growth and n-reactor

New Delhi, Nov 3 (IANS) When a mind spontaneously emits an idea, it has the potential, if communicated to another informed or educated mind, to elicit fresh ideas from that mind. This could trigger off yet more ideas, leading to a cascade of new ideas — very much a chain reaction, says a new book that draws a parallel between economic growth and a nuclear ractor.

Using the powerful analogy of a nuclear reactor, debutant author Rajiv Bahl, in “The Economic Reactor” that was released here on Wednesday, envisions a smoothly working economic engine that promotes egalitarianism and is the path to individual and societal happiness.

De-mystifying much of economic jargon and explaining how a well-functioning economy should deliver sustainable economic growth and generate prospect for human happiness, the book also points to other aspects of culture — ideas, customs and social behavior of a society that must be in place to ensure economic growth.

Releasing the book, Vinod Rai, Chairman, Banks Board Bureau and former Comptroller and Auditor General of India, said: “I have studied economics but never understood economists and when I read the book some things resonated, I knew where economists stood. He explains everything in the book lucidly.”