Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 strikes China killing eight people

Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 strikes China killing eight people

Beijing, May11:An earthquake of magnitude 5.5 hit China’s northwest Xinjiang region on Thursday. At Least eight people were died on Thursday. The pictures of the incident have gone online on the social media. It showcased destroyed buildings.

The China Earthquake Administration (CEA) stated the earthquake took place in the remote Taxkorgan County area of Kashgar Prefecture at a depth of 8 km (5 miles). One of the leading china news channel stated, about 11 people were also wounded.

At least over 20 injured after a 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck Taxkorgan County in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region at 5:58am Thursday, the region’s earthquake administration said.

The leading news channel reported that, the earthquake damaged several buildings in the region.

The quake, in a remote mountainous area that borders Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, struck at a depth of 10 kilometers, the US Geological Survey said.

The shallow quake, known to cause greater shaking at the surface inflicted a lot of damage.

Xinjiang is frequently jolted by earthquakes, most of which cause little damage.

Xinhua also reported that some building walls had been cracked or had collapsed and that casualty figures were still being compiled.

Rescue workers are continuing to search through the rubble after the country’s Earthquake Administration activated the Level 3 emergency response. A special earthquake emergency response team has been dispatched to Xinjiang to assist the local government in their search and rescue operations.