Eco-friendly hybrid vehicles: Japan actively developing well accepted concept cars

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Tokyo,Japan, /August 24 : Rapid movement in the growing environmental concern, auto mobile manufactures are moving with the advance production of eco-friendly hybrid car, the advanced concept that has been well received in Japan.

Hideyuki Nishikawa, Group Manager, Public Affairs Div., Toyota Motor Corporation. stated that”In the future, we would like to contribute to society by actively engaging in the development of environmental vehicles such as the FCV and EV,”

In 1997, Toyota Motor Corporation launched Toyota Prius, a full hybrid electric automobile, which became the first car in the world to be mass-produced. Known for its high mileage and low fuel consumption, the vehicle was developed in response to environmental problems that we face in the 21st Century.

As per the reports,The motorisation of Japan began during its high economic growth of the 1960s. Each era had many people, including in the present, who love a number of famous cars that have comprised the dreams and spirits of developers and engineers, and state of the art technology.
Mazda continues to challenge the development of a lightweight, high power rotary engine, which was first developed 50 years ago, the heritage and DNA of which are still being used in Mazda’s car making today.

Recently, the popularity of owning Japanese vintage cars is growing overseas.
“Because of the popularity of movies, in most of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, and Dubai, Japanese vintage cars have gained attention. But on the other hand, when the engine sometimes develops problems and requires repairs, it sometimes become difficult to easily repair the engine in the country. Because these cars are older, Japanese car enthusiasts are also confronted with the same problem: getting parts. No matter which country they live in, we want them to enjoy driving vintage cars.

Since we all in the same Asia zone, I think we can contribute to everyone in Asia with a little bit of something different so that people in Asia can enjoy taking care of vintage cars,” said Atsushi Miyata, CEO, Vintage Co. Ltd.