Eman Ahmed ,worlds ‘heaviest’ woman ,expected to reach Burjeel hospital in Abu Dhabi

Eman Ahmed ,worlds 'heaviest' woman ,expected to reach Burjeel hospital in Abu Dhabi

Abh Dhabi,May3:Eman Ahmed, 36, is expected to reach Burjeel hospital in Abu Dhabi on Thursday confirmed the spokesperson for Burjeel hospital.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) sources said that Eman was likely to fly on a non-scheduled carrier at around 2 am on Wednesday. The final details were yet to be confirmed, the sources had said.

No longer the world’s heaviest woman, at 176 kg, Eman will leave India close to 300 kg lighter. Meanwhile, Saifee hospital maintained that they have not received any communication from the VPS Healthcare that owns the Burjeel Hospital. “We have not received a mail from them yet. We will discharge Eman when they want us to but we have not received any communication. Her sister Shaimaa, asked us to not give her a medical briefing of Eman in the morning which we normally do every day,” said Aparna Govil Bhasker, section chief of bariatric surgery at Saifee hospital.

A spokesperson for VPS Healthcare had earlier said, “This is a complex case and a number of different arrangements are being considered, including a hydraulic stretcher being flown in from Italy,”

The spokesperson added, “The safety and wellbeing of the patient forms a critical part of the logistical arrangements and we will ensure that the VPS medical team will be able to deliver.”