Embarrassing! Pakistani schools teach distorted history portraying Indians as ‘thugs’, ‘traitorous’

Embarrassing! Pakistani schools teach distorted history portraying Indians as 'thugs', 'traitorous'.

Islamabad/Pakistan, August 4: Pakistan is injecting their young minds to build hatred towards India. The mission was planted through the history textbooks, which states that ‘traitorous’ Hindus were behind the blood shed that erupted during the Independence in 1947.

The undivided India ruled by Britishers for around 200 years was set free 70 years ago, after throwing a spark of splitting the nation into two: ‘The Republic of India’ and ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. The split made between Hindus and Muslims after provoking them in the name of religion. The division made the two neighbouring nations to remain enemies till now, and the rivalry seems to continue as the history text books in Pakistan preach traitorous Hindus, the reason behind the split.

The concept in Pakistan history text book is totally different from what students across the border in India are taught about the independence we attained in 1947. Schools in Pakistan’s Balochistan province teach their students that Hindus are ‘thugs’ who ‘massacred Muslims, confiscated their property, and forced them to leave India’.

Indians are taught about the Gandhian way. The simple, secular and compassionate man who struggled for a unified India, free from British domination. The Muslim League led by Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah joined with the colonial rulers to build up their own nation. One cannot find the name of Mahatma Gandhi in Pakistani textbooks, who is considered the father of India for his remarkable participation in freeing India from the British hands.

Experts are seeking ways for reconciliation between the two nations when it found the difference in history taught in Pakistan. If it is allowed to continue, the word ‘peace’ would be eliminated from the dictionary used in Pakistan.

Qasim Aslam’s ‘History Project’ is running sessions for school children in India and Pakistan. Students are made to express what they have learnt about the partition. “By the time they are 20, it is solidified and stays with them all their lives,” says Aslam to end the one sided history taught in schools.