English musician in love with ‘crazy non-stop bustling energy’ of Mumbai

New Delhi, Nov 17 (IANS) It’s the crazy non-stop bustling energy of Mumbai that English alternative rock band Dinosaur Pile-Up’s frontman Matt Bigland noticed first about the Indian city. And he simply found it “so amazing”.

During his recent visit to India with his bandmates Mike Sheils and Jim Cratchley, he performed in Hyderabad. Later, they headed to the city of dreams Mumbai for British Council’s Selector Live, in association with Homegrown media company.

Asked about his experience in the country, Bigland told IANS over phone from Mumbai: “In Mumbai, it is the crazy non-stop bustling energy which is the first thing you notice… And also how people are helpful. They seem to be optimistic. That’s what we love. The energy in the city is so amazing.”

It wasn’t their maiden trip to India. They have travelled to Pune, Delhi and Agra as well. In fact, some of the shots taken in front of the monument of love Taj Mahal also found their way in their music video “11:11” from their album “Eleven Eleven”, available across digital and mobile platforms on Times Music.

“The first time (in 2014) we came to India was amazing. And now, it is just mind blowing for us. We played at a festival this year, it was really great. The crowd was good and encouraging,” said Bigland, also a songwriter.

Any plans of writing a song on India?

“Everything is a possibility. When we were writing for ‘Eleven Eleven’, we were on the road. We were playing almost everywhere. We were in India too. It is interesting to write while on the road and touring. You take pieces of the places you are in. That’s quite interesting,” he said.

The band was also in the news for collaborating with Indian actress and singer Shruti Haasan. How is that shaping up?

“We know Shruti pretty well. She was also in Hyderabad. She came down for our show which was awesome. We messed around in the studio and worked on a couple of songs. But we don’t know if we have set plans… Where those ideas are going to go. It’s cool to collaborate with her,” he said.

This year, it’s all packed for them as they will be mostly on the road and away from their home in Leeds. Their eyes are set on their gigs in Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden.

“We feel we are lucky. We like being on the road and enjoy each other’s company. We like to perform everywhere. We love touring in the US. Our music is kind of American and that’s probably because of the artistes who have influenced us. Even in India, it is mind-blowing.

“We go to Japan quite regularly. We love it over there. Every place has a different vibe and cultural differences. We are lucky to get an opportunity to see all those,” said Bigland.

The band, known for songs like “Grim Valentine” and “My rock N roll” and “Anxiety trip”, want their music to reach as many people as possible and so, Bigland is open to lending their songs to a TV show or a film.

“Having our music in a film or TV show is one of the best ways to do that (to make their music reach to a larger audience)… So, we are open to that,” he said.

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