Enraged at growing population, Noida residents attack Nigerians

Enraged at growing population, Noida residents attack Nigerians

Noida/UP, March 28: In a protest in Greater Noida against Africans residing in the area, locals showed anger over the rising number of Nigerian population in residential areas turned violent as mobs assaulted several Africans.

The event was triggered by the death of Class 12 student Manish Khari who died of cardiac arrest on Saturday. The locals alleged that Africans in the region had drugged Manish and forced him to ingest substances.

African citizens who were out shopping near Pari Chowk and were unprepared about the protest were brutally attacked by the protesters. Taking cognizance of the situation, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj wrote on Twitter that she has asked for a report on the event from the Uttar Pradesh government.

In the demonstration, locals carried banners that called for eviction of Africans from Noida. “The crowd was peaceful until it reached Pari Chowk, but went out of control at the sight of Africans in the market. The protesters roughed up many black people until police intervened and baton-charged to disperse them,” HT quoted an eyewitness as saying.

One resident, Sher Singh Bhati, said, “The population of Africans is growing in Greater Noida, which is frequently becoming a threat to locals.”