EU liaison officers discuss border security

Brussels, Dec 20 (IANS) The European Union (EU) liaison officers posted in African countries met in Spain to discuss border security and cross-border crime, an official has said.

The officers, during the meeting on Monday, exchanged information on people smuggling and trafficking activities linking Africa with the EU at a two-day meeting last week, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) said, Xinhua news agency reported.

Participants included 32 liaison officers of EU member states, as well as representatives of the European Commission and experts from Europol and Frontex.

They also discussed the main findings of the Africa-Frontex Intelligence Community (AFIC) report, which is expected to be published next month.

The AFIC was set up in 2010 to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and intelligence in the field of border security between Frontex and African countries.