Even with more number of cows, Adithyanath’s UP have far more toxic air than Delhi

Even with more number of cows, Adithyanath's UP have far more toxic air than Delhi

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, November 10: Shocking record reveals on Tuesday that comparing to the Pollutant levels were such as equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day, the city of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh recorded an air quality index (AQI) of 500 – the highest the scale can measure with its air dropping from least to serious level.

Reportedly, NASA’s Aqua satellite has captured a picture shows the extent of choking air pollution across north India, that reveals the natural color image of haze and fog that is blanketing the region.

The sensor also showed an “aerosol optical depth” revealing “red-brown colours” that indicate skies thick with aerosol pollutio.

According to certain reliable sources from (AQI) Analysis of the Central Pollution Control Board data shows that the quality of the air has clearly fall across the northern-Gangetic plain.

Some of the places such as Lucknow, Agra, Kanpur and Muzzafarpur are harmfully polluted.

On November 6 to 9 the quality of the air that recorded in Ghaziabad and Noida shows the elevated levels of air pollution on Monday, higher than Delhi which had AQI of 354. compare the period of three days from November 7 to 9, the quality of the air in NCR areas was consistently poor.

Record says  Bhiwadi (439 to 468), Faridabad (409 to 482), Ghaziabad (475 to 499) and Noida (407 to 469).

Beyond NCR, Lucknow recorded an AQI of 430 on Wednesday and 468 on Thursday.

on Tuesday Moradabad showed an AQI of 500 439 on Wednesday and 414 on Thursday. Agra’s AQI was 449 on Thursday and Muzzafarpur recorded 454 on the AQI.

Meanwhile Delhi also taking the necessary steps to control the impact of the harmful air pollution. reports from the World Health Organization(WHO ) stated that the half of the worlds 20 most polluted cities were in India. some of the studies stated that Indian cities are breathing bad air.