Ever Heard of an eco-friendly wedding!!! This couple did it.

Meet Shasvathi Siva and her groom Karthik Krishnan, who recently tied the knot in an eco-friendly wedding. Yes you heard it right it was Eco friendly that had no flowers, dairy, silk or leather products.

Moreover the wedding had some surprise guests too, that they showed their love towards animals by inviting dogs as guests.

“My family and I have been vegan for almost five years now. But my husband and his family were not vegan but when we proposed the idea they agreed,” Siva said.

“Eco friendly weddings are possible and it never fades the luxury of grand weddings. So people should explore such opportunities,” Siva added.


In the wedding beautiful cloths replaced flowers, that even garlands were made of satin.

The couple also did not want to hurt trees to celebrate their wedding. “usually for wedding two banana trees will be cut and placed near ‘mandap’, but instead we planted two near our mandap,” she said.

Wedding swing was made of bamboo and cloth.

“In make-up also we were careful that I used make up which was not tested on animals. Used organic Henna in hands and legs,” she says.

They also expressed their love towards animals by welcoming dogs to the wedding. Siva says they are like her own family.


Another attraction was that wedding food was diary free. Diary products were replaced by soy, almonds and cashews. Instead of milk-based sweets, guests were gifted dry fruits.

They also arranged diary free ice cream. “Diary products are not necessary for delicious meals,” Siva said.


To avoid plastic made materials eco friendly materials such as edible spoons and recycled news paper instead of paper napkins were used.

Finally, they used cute carved coconuts to spread the message to use eco friendly materials  among the guests.

Photo source: Frontal Knots