Have you ever heard about Miss Bumbum contest in Brazil ?

The raunchy race marked the start of the seventh year of the competition, in which the women, each representing a Brazilian state, are whittled down to 15 who then battle it out in a live final.

Each of the entrants wore nothing more than a skimpy orange bikini and a sash with the name of the state they their representing emblazoned on it.

The traffic stopping 27 finalists marched through the streets in trainers so as best to parade their enviable figures.

In a country obsessed with the female backside, winners of the hotly-disputed contest become overnight celebrities and often go on to earn millions in modelling contracts and endorsements.

The run is the second public outing for the 27 women, who last week posed for photos together on a Sao Paulo beach holding an Olympic flame.

The contestants will now spend the next three months doing whatever they can to win enough telephone votes from the public to win them a place in the grande final on November 9.

This year a mother and daughter will compete in the competition for the first time, Bruna Ferraz, 35, representing the state of Rondonia, and Eduardo Morais, 19, for neighbouring northern state Roraima.