Is everybody a thief, asks Mamata Banerjee at joint rally with Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, Nov 17: Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee share the stage at a wholesale hub.

The West Bengal CM had led a rally to Rashtrapati Bhavan yesterday where the TMC along with the NC (led by Omar Abdullah) and the Shiv Sena had presented a memorandum stating the President should intervene in the demonetisation led cash crunch which had inflicted untold hardships on the common man.

Mamata Banerjee speaks first saying, “I came to Delhi to meet the guardian of our Constitution the President — to speak about the financial crisis in the country. Is this the achche din he promised? This govt does not trust the people of the country. Is everybody a thief? Transport sector has come to a halt. Do farmers use credit cards? This is India, here 4% use plastic money, what about the remaining 96%?

If vegetable markets are shut what will people eat? Govt has subverted the Constitution. Only 4 per cent use plastic money. Will people eat diamonds? They have even reduced the exchange limit”.