Exert care when translating from Konkani into English: Parrikar

Panaji, Dec 22 (IANS) Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, who reportedly advised “chronic critics to dance naked” recently, on Thursday said that Konkani is a dangerous language and while translating it into English, care should be taken to ensure the essence of the comments and not literal translation.

Parrikar was speaking at a function organised for foundation stone laying for the widening of the National Highway-17 into a four-lane highway from Patradevi along the Goa-Maharashtra border to Bambolim near the state capital.

Parrikar said this soon after he was referred to by the function’s official compere as a Rakhno Mantri instead of Raksha Mantri.

“Rakhno is a shepherd if you translate it into English correctly, not a Defence Minister,” Parrikar said.

“Konkani language is a bit dangerous… I have been speaking at many functions and for many a time people ask me, when did you say this. I do not remember when I said such a thing. When I go back and translate that back to Konkani (from English), then I understand,” the former Goa Chief Minister said.

Parrikar had courted controversy earlier this week after he advised chronic critics to “remove clothes and dance naked” to draw attention.

He said his comments made in Konkani were not translated appropriately and the essence of the Konkani language was lost.