Experts restore Japan’s ancient temple ‘Izumo-Oyashiro’

Tokyo, Japan, May 07: One of the most ancient and important temple in Japan, Izumo-oyashiro, is gradually losing its charm due to lack of maintenance. In order to preserve this precious cultural heritage for future generations, the preservation work named ‘Transfer of A Shrine’ in Heisei began in 2009. Shimizu Corporation is in-charge of the preservation and repair work of the temple. The repair of the main shrine was completed in March 2013, but the preservation and repair of other shrines continues.

Different from modern buildings, the traditional buildings such as many cultural heritages have no floor plans available. There were cases that the parts that required repair were found only after the building was dismantled. In Japan, the wooden cultural heritages have been routinely preserved and repaired. The concept and technologies can be useful for other Asian countries as well. Either as meanings of transportation or for pleasure, cars are essential these days. Ota city in Gunma Prefecture is located two hours away from Tokyo.

Meidensha, a company that holds its factory in this industrial city is experimenting something indispensable for the development of the automobile. They check the environmental performance, durability and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. While demands for functionalities in automobiles have been increasing, shortening the development period has been required. For that purpose, it is evitable to have a high level of precision in measurements while testing. The chassis dynamometer system is a comprehensive system made with mechanical control devices including a roller and a drive robot system.

A single system can conduct multiple tests, such as the ones for exhaust gas or fuel efficiency. In 1920, with the track record and the knowhow of developing and supplying the DC dynamometer, it started to be adopted by certification authorities from many countries. Meidensha also earned a reputation from various automobile makers. The drive robot that conducts automatic driving for finished vehicles can operate the accelerator, clutch and break electronically. Since any test travel pattern can be operated, it is possible to reproduce the data that is close to real road. As a result of economical growth, Meidensha anticipates the expansion to Asian countries where automobiles came into wide use.

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