Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook Spaces, a social VR platform

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook Spaces, a social VR platform

California, April19:It has been more than three years since Facebook acquired Oculus with an aim of combining the virtual reality (VR) and social networking. And now it seems like Mark Zuckerberg is quite close to achieving the goal as he announced Facebook Spaces, a social VR platform, at the ongoing F8 2017 developer conference.

Spaces is currently in beta stage and allows Facebook users to hang out with their friends in VR environment. It is basically aimed at helping people in spending time and sharing memories with their loved ones even if they can’t be with each other physically. It lets each user create a group of up to four friends which is known as a “space”.

For any space, each user is able to create a VR avatar of himself/herself. This avatar is created using on of the Facebook photos of the user and can be customized as per one’s choice.

Once you have invited your friends to your space, you can do a lot of things and activities like visiting different places in VR, watch 360-degree videos, make drawings and relive memories from Facebook Timelines. There is also a virtual selfie-stick which lets you capture selfies of your VR avatars and whatever you are doing in VR so that you can share your experiences with those who were outside the space.

And like a social network, Facebook wants you to have the control over your space. It means you can pause any VR experience whenever you want. You can also mute, remove or block any of the persons from your space. As mentioned in the beginning, it simply taking the whole social networking experience to the virtual reality level.

Facebook Spaces beta is currently available for Oculus Rift + Touch but Facebook has plans to expand to other virtual reality platforms in the future. And since this is just the beta version which is already looking promising, we are eager to see what improvements and new features Facebook will bring in the future.

If you want to know more and maybe even try out the app, visit the official Facebook Spaces website.