Facebook, Google activates “Save Our Souls” features after Barcelona attack

Facebook, Google activates "Save Our Souls" features after Barcelona attack

Madrid, Spain/August 18: Soon after the Second shocking Terrorist attacks that happened in Barcelona, that left 13 people dead, Facebook and Google tied to activated their safety check features, to let the users inform their friends or relatives that they were reached safe and got the nearby support.

The page titled “the attack in Barcelona Spain”, a Facebook page in which user can post “check in as safe” using their  Facebook account.

Meanwhile, Google also launched SOS alert features, to give people up-to-date news and information about the Barcelona attack. The page also includes comforting phrases for those who might be affected.

According to reports, if a person has to live or spend a lot of time in the disaster affected area, they are asked to activate the “safety check features”. Soon it would give notifications asking “are you in the affected area?”.

The features now help to send a notification to friends, confirming that they have marked safe zone. This also opens up many ways for the people to offer help for those who are in need of help like food, shelter or medicine.

Earlier Facebook Safety Check was introduced in 2011 and was used for only when natural disasters happen until the Paris attack in 2015.