Facebook rolls out Parents Portal feature

California,Dec15:Facebook is indeed the most used social media platform in the world. However, it has got some parents worried about how their children are managing their digital social life.Moreover, with growing concerns around cyber bullying, parents have been looking for ways to tackle such issues.

So, in a bid to empower parents to help their child navigate safely on Facebook, the social networking giant has launched a new section called Parents Portal as part of the Safety Center.
Facebook which had recently updated its Safety Centre and Bullying Prevention Hub has now the Parents Portal, which provides parents with specific advice and tips.

Facebook Has a New Section Called Parents Portal

Basically, Facebook Parents Portal will provide safety guidelines and resources to help first-time Facebook users to get a grip of the site. The Parents Portal also includes guides for parents about how Facebook works, tips for talking with kids about staying safe online and resources from experts around the world. It is available in over 55 languages including 11 in India. The section is also mobile friendly and also comes equipped videos.

Furthermore, there’s also a section which offers parenting tips such as ‘try to be a good role model,’ or ‘let your child know that the rules that apply online are the same as the ones that apply offline’. Parents can also connect with online safety experts from around the world and can receive resources or advice on a certain matter.