Facebook to launch Lite App with minimum data size

Facebook Launching Lite App

March 17, 2018: FaceBook is launching ‘Facebook Lite App’ soon this week to Android users in North America, Australia, and Western Europe for the first time.

The lightweight App is only 1.68 megabytes in size and the downloads as quickly as your average cat GIF files.

The Lite App is easily installable in any Android Phone and will run well on low bandwidth data connections. People who pay by the MB data can use this to browse their News Feeds without paying huge fees.

At launch, Facebook is planning in Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Vietnam as well. After that Facebook lite will be available in 100 countries across Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

It may take some time for the App to show up in the Play Store, but once see it, you may wonder if it is for you.